• Direct, supervise and control the PNP ACG which shall include tactical and strategic movements, deployment and utilization of its resources for the accomplishment of the specified tasks.
  • Conduct intensive and sustained operations against cybercrimes by organized crimes groups, syndicated groups, high profile personalities that use internet and computer related devices as the major component in their criminal activities;
  • Strengthen its capacity and capability to implement anti-cybercrime operations, investigation and digital examination; and
  • Perform other Duties as directed by Chief, PNP.

Deputy Director

  • Assist the Director PNP ACG in supervising, directing and coordinating the activities of the PNP ACG pertaining to administration and operations of the group;
  • Advice and assist the Director PNP ACG in the execution of policies and programs of the Group; and
  • Perform other duties as the second in command in the PNP ACG or act in the latter’s absence.

Chief of Staff

  • Direct, supervise and manage the administrative affairs of the group as well as to facilitate coordination among the different Divisions and units of the PNP ACG; and
  • Perform other Duties as directed by the Director PNP ACG.


  • Advise the Director, PNP ACG on matters pertaining to personnel and service support;
  • Supervise, plan and coordinate the administrative functions of the group;
  • Formulate and implement plans and programs pertaining to personnel matters, logistical, financial, maintenance and other administrative requirements of the group; and
  • Perform other tasks as directed.


  • Supervises the conduct of intelligence, operations and investigations activities of the Division;
  • Formulate policies on intelligence, operations and investigations of the PNP ACG;
  • Develop and maintain PNP ACG database including evidence data;
  • Monitor all cybercrime cases;
  • Conduct digital forensic examination on seized evidences;
  • Recommend measures for the collaboration of law enforcement agencies to enhance the digital forensic evidence admission in courts;
  • Coordinate with other agencies on matters to address digital forensic examination matters;
  • Attend court hearings;
  • Conduct specialized training and seminars (in coordination with the PNP Training Service) on cybercrime operations;
  • Submit periodic reports to Director, PNP ACG; and
  • Perform other tasks as directed.


  • Plan and coordinate the conduct of cyber security researches of the Group;
  • Conduct studies and researches to upgrade the capability of PNP ACG to proactively counter cybercrimes and cyber threats;
  • Recommend measures for the amendment of laws to enhance the operation, investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes;
  • Coordinate with other agencies on matters to address cybercrime and enhance cyber security;
  • Maintain the PNP ACG website and other related public web services; and
  • Perform other tasks as directed.


  • Conduct anti-cybercrime and cyber security intelligence, activities, operations and investigations in the AOR;
  • Implement plans, orders, directives and programs of PNP ACG in the AOR;
  • Ensure submission of periodic reports and case monitoring in the regional level;
  • Coordinate with other agencies in the regional level to address cybercrime and cyber security concerns in the region;
  • Conduct Digital Forensic Examination on evidences submitted in the AOR;
  • Conduct of necessary training at the regional level.
  • Perform other tasks as directed.