1. Optimize Utilization of Financial and Logistical Resources
  2. Financial Management Program. Seventy-five percent (as of 3rd Quarter) of programmed activities was properly funded and implemented based on the Annual Operations Plan and Budget for CY 2015 with the remaining target of 25% to be accomplished until the last quarter of the year.

2. Logistics Management Program. This Group ensures that all logistical programs are aligned towards the attainment of the Group’s mission, vision and functions.  The Group envisions the modernization of its facilities and digital equipment in order to effectively and efficiently accomplish its major deliverables. The program was incorporated in the updated Annual Procurement Plan (APP) and proposed Table of Equipment and Allowances (TEA) for appropriate budgeting in the calendar year 2016.


3. Management of Donations from LGUs and Other Agencies. The U.S. Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program donated one (1) lot of sophisticated technical equipment to aid in the conduct of forensic examination. It was received by the Director, ACG during the celebration of “2nd PNP ACG Anniversary” held at Multi-Purpose Hall, Camp Crame, Quezon City on March 16, 2015.

Firearms. Forty five (45) personnel of this Group have received their permanent issued firearms (Glock 17 Pistol). As part of continuing effort, lectures were conducted to the ACG personnel during PICE regarding the proper handling and maintenance of said firearms.

Mobility. As a result of the PNP Procurement Program for Motor Vehicles for CY 2014, the Group received one (1) unit of Toyota Hi-ace van on March 17, 2015 from the Directorate for Logistics through the Logistics Support Service to serve as utility vehicle used to perform the Group’s functions.